Who is behind ELRC?

Is the ELRC a company or a part of the European Commission? How are your operations funded and what does your organization look like? I have tried to find this information on your website. I want to know before I contribute with texts, etc. I work for a government agency.



  • ELRC (European Language Resource Coordination) is a service contract awarded by the EC to a consortium (see below). This service contract's objective is to collect and package Language Resources (e.g. texts, terminologies, etc.) and deliver them to the DGT (Directorate General for Translation) within the EC.

    The focus of the data is primarily on resources produced within  Member States administrations and Agencies. So any contribution is welcome.

    The data will be delivered to EC under conditions set up by the provider. We highly recommend to allow sharing these resources with the community at large, free of charge (no royalties to be paid back, neither  to provider nor to the consortium) but provider can impose that the data is delivered only to DGT. In this case, no copy will be kept by the consortium.

    The consortium is made up of four leading players from the field of language technology in Europe: the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), acting as coordinator, ELDA (Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency), France, ILSP (Institute for Language and Speech Processing), Greece and TILDE, Lithuania.

    More details about the partners may be found on the following web page: http://lr-coordination.eu/discover